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About North Texas Santa
 His Mission: Hope, Love and Joy



A professionally trained Santa with a naturally white Real Beard, a graduate of Santa Claus  University. (Actually a retired advertising marketing/PR director and Freelance Designer/ Photographer.)


Photo Opportunities

Attention Photographers! North Texas Santa loves to participate in Studio family portrait sessions. Since he knows both sides of a camera, he knows how to get great poses.


Security & Affiliation

North Texas Santa is fully insured and has multiple national background checks. He is a member of Lone Star Santas,LLC, the Knights of St. Nicholas, and also a volunteer in the HEB Independent School District.



Santa's Suit

North Texas Santa wears a traditional Santa Suit, custom-made for him by the same company that serves the major movie studios. He also uses professional photo make up.


Story Time & Games

Depending on the venue, Santa will participate in any way you wish at your event. Visits and requests with children "of all ages", Story time with a variety of books, Christmas trivia games, and more.



Rates for North Texas Santa in an authentic quality suit, insured and background checked, performing the basic duties of a Santa are $100 per hour. Weekend rates and the days just prior to Christmas are higher. Package rates are available for multiple days, locations and special needs.



North Texas Santa spent four decades in Marketing and Advertising. He created, designed, wrote and presented marketing concepts, some that are being used to this day by Fortune 500 companies. He  “retired” early and became a free-lance graphic and font designer, photojournalist and pet photographer (which almost always involves children.)


About three years ago he started letting his natural, very white beard grow much  longer. In October of that year, while waiting on a flat repair at a local warehouse store tire center, a three year-old girl entered the reception area with her mother who was pushing a very full shopping cart. Her eyes grew wide as she grabbed a big package of cookies from the cart opened them, ran over to where he was sitting, jumped up on his knee and handed him two.  "Here Santa these are for you".
The mother recovered her child, laughed and said “Catherine knows a Real Santa when she sees him.” That was his  first “Santa-Spotting” as he now calls them.


In December of that year, he created "Santa's Photo Studio” for a local organization he  supports that helps young people shape their lives for the better.  Each child visited with “Santa George”, told him what they wanted and then Santa took their photo, which was magically/instantly printed.





The children then assembled the photo in a nice frame, wrapped it and gave it someone important to them. Because giving to others is what Christmas is all about.

Since then he has volunteered for local Elementary Schools PTA Christmas Parties (as an approved/certified HEB ISD Volunteer),  local Tree Lightings, and hospital visits. But he knew he needed to expand his  “Santa skill set”.


So, he joined Lone Star Santas Charities here in Texas, and joined them in bringing toys to children who’s homes were leveled by tornadoes just two days after Christmas. At that time several Lone Star Santa members suggested that he had the “right stuff” along with a naturally-white beard and should consider going “professional”. They  pointed him towards several good Santa Schools and Universities. 
So he attended and enhanced deeply his knowledge of all things Santa. He now has a full degree, that he soon hopes to expand.


Today he gets "Santa-Spotted" almost every day. He runs  5K races as Santa all year long, has more hair care products and make-up than Mrs. C , and keeps a little pack of "I saw Santa" nice/naughty guide cards in his  pocket to spread Hope, Love and Joy to Kids of all ages wherever he meets them.





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